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  1. Pain medication. You may experience mild discomfort or pressure in the anal region. This should not require anything stronger than Extra-Strength Tylenol. Pain following banding should be treated with Ibuprofen 400mg every 4-6 hours with food. NOTE: DO NOT TAKE IBUPROFEN IF YOU HAVE A HISTORY OF BLEEDING ULCERS!

  2. Activity. You need not restrict your activities except for your comfort. In general, you may return to work as soon as you feel able.

  3. Wound care. There is no particular care that is required because there is no incision. Sitz baths are useful to control discomfort. Soak in the tub in water as warm as you can comfortably tolerate for 10-15 minutes. The rubber band will likely pass out unnoticed in your bowel movements. You may notice a small amount of drainage or blood, and these should resolve in a day or two. If there is bleeding to the extent that it comes out in formed blood clots, contact the doctor immediately. If you experience severe pain, especially if associated with fever and chills, you must also contact the doctor immediately.

  4. Constipation. It is common to experience mild constipation after hemorrhoid banding. This normally resolves without treatment within 2 days. If you are not already taking Metamucil., you should begin taking it, one dose twice daily to prevent and minimize constipation. Your bowel movements should be normal size and well lubricated. If after 2 days, you still have not had a bowel movement, you may take a laxative. Dulcolax, Milk of Magnesia, and Mineral Oil are acceptable laxatives. If you do not have results with these medications, then you may drink a bottle of Citrate of Magnesium which is available without a prescription. This will usually produce several bowel movements.

  5. Follow-up. The doctor will need to see you again in about 2 weeks after surgery to make sure that you have healed adequately. Call the office to set up the appointment. You may of course call at anytime with additional questions.

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