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Post-Operative Vasectomy Instructions

  1. Rest with your feet up for the remainder of the day. Place an ice bag right over your underwear for 20-30 minutes at a time several times today to help control swelling. Mild swelling, bruising and soreness is expected. You may use ice tomorrow also if you like.

  2. Use a supporter if it helps.

  3. Take Ibuprofen (Advil, etc.) for pain. Use Tylenol instead if you have ulcer problems.

  4. Take it easy tomorrow also. You can be up and around but don't plan to be on your feet a lot. Shower and keep your scrotum clean with soap and water.

  5. Keep some gauze in your underwear for a few days because the incisions are loosely closed and may drain a little blood or serum. The stitches are not visible and will disolve.

  6. Avoid strenuous physical activity and sexual intercourse for one week.

  7. You are not sterile yet. It takes about 8 weeks (approximately 20 ejaculations) to clear the remaining sperm cells. Continue birth control until the sperm count is zero.

  8. The sperm count should be done about 8 weeks after the surgery with a repeat done 4 weeks later if necessary. Follow the instructions and take a specimen to the hospital lab. The hospital lab will bill separately for this procedure. Call the office for results after a couple of days.

  9. Call the office for any questions or problems. A routine post op visit is not necessary.

Semen Analysis Instructions >>

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